Who are we?

We Deliver On Time…Every Time.

We’ll exceed all of your expectations as our expert team bring your goals and objectives to life. Since our formation in 2004, we have been trading as a digital media and graphics business. Our solid reputation and ability to forge strong relationships has seen our business grow exponentially and we now have clients from every industry sector all over the globe.

In 2014 we decided to expand the business even further. We rebranded the digital media business in order to diversify some of our existing services.

Qualified and Affiliated with The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).


Unlike the crowd of marketing representatives who are neither qualified nor have the resources to support their clients, ENI stands out from the crowd and we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service, quality and results. Our clients return to us time and again and our reputation is proof of our impeccably high standards.

A Full-Service, Integrated Marketing Agency…

Our multi-faceted approach enables us to provide a whole spectrum of services covering every aspect of marketing and media that a business needs. We have over 17 years’ combined experience in design, programming, server management, marketing strategy, planning, sponsorship and much more.

Why use a range of individual companies when ENI has an expert team with a proven track record and a toolbox that can fulfil your every need – from marketing and media to customer relations and event management!

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