The level of customer service and quality of work was amazing. – Simon Courtney, Retail Manager


AcuPrime collaboratively develop and distribute acupuncture products, cupping sets, teas, granulated herbs, moxa, Far Infrared pads, and sports rehab supplies in the UK, throughout Europe and Worldwide. AcuPrime approached us following a restructure of their company having launched a new trading name in the UK.

The company had experienced problems with brand recognition within the UK and wanted to visually uncouple themselves from the South Korean manufacturer “DongBang”.


Logo Redesign
Business Stationery
Exhibition Backdrop


We produced over 20 initial proofs to gauge the design style which AcuPrime were looking for. We then received clear directive that a simplified typography design would be preferable. A ‘Korean style’ acupuncture needle was subtly included within the design to provide a visual representation to the core product. Colour palettes were limited to AcuPrime’s historic green and black which represents harmony, restoration and excellence which is typical for the health and wellness industry.


AcuPrime now boasts a clean and professional new look across their business stationery and other marketing collateral.

The company have just completed their first successful business exhibition in Reading under their rebrand. Customers are responding to the new trading name which is leading to a more simplified sales approach and improved business operations.


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