The Basics of Business Branding

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What is Branding?

The term “Branding” is a seal on your business that tells the rest of the world what you have to offer.

Often the terms “Brand” and “Branding” are misunderstood, so here are the definitions:

Branding = This is the act of creating a brand. It’s the process of strategising what you want your brand to be, by carving out your own place in the market. It is the set of all elements that reflect the vision of your business, including strategies, plans and ultimately your promise.

Brand = This is the result of the branding effort. It is how people identify, know and remember you. The name, term, design, symbol or other characteristics which identify your product or service.

Reputable and successful brands have climbed all the way to the top by defining themselves as the very best. Of course, they have also had to deliver upon that promise.

Brand Strategy

The strategy of a brand is not what you do, it’s how you get it done.

The most successful brands connect and tie their products and services (and their image, of course) with an established persona. That’s essentially how you make it to the top.

To employ and choose a proper strategy that will eventually, define your brand, you simply need to be honest, consistent and connect your products/services to something that everyone likes.

For example, Coca-Cola decided back in 1995 that they wanted to connect their drinks to Christmas….every year we all wait to see the classic TV advert as confirmation that “the holidays are coming.”

By achieving this consistency every year, Coca-Cola embodies that warm, friendly atmosphere, full of joy and festive cheer. They cleverly evoke those feelings which make your belly tingle with satisfaction, it is at this point that consumers connect with a brand on a whole different level.

To read how to build your brand in 10 easy steps, read the following tips: https://www.enimarketing.com/building-your-brand-identity/

Defining your Brand?

First, you need a name. That name does not need to sound too important as it is your vision, promises and achievements which will speak volumes when the time comes.

In order to define a brand, you need to reflect your personality in the image of your business. Pour every possible virtue you have into your brand, be consistent and don’t let the harsh competition change the way you do things. You must send a clear message to the market place and know that it will be remembered!

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