3 Tips to help Build your Brand

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Don’t just build a company…build a brand.

Create awareness with a strong brand identity!

To build a successful business in today’s ever more competitive world…clever branding is essential. Creating the right brand identity and image with which your clients can identify will drive loyalty, generate an excellent return on investment and most importantly – raise your online profile.

Online visibility is crucial in today’s marketplace and can make or break a business. The advent of sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others, (social media and otherwise) mean your business is getting constant exposure which is why it’s imperative that you have a strong, positive brand image to reinforce that.

You must create a brand that your target audience will identify with. Your audience must be able to engage with your ideals, brand personality and values. This is the key to customer loyalty, higher conversion rates and growth. Here are three tips to help you do just that:

Tip 1 – What is your Unique Selling Point?

The age of traditional marketing alone has long gone and the digital era is now upon us. In order to thrive and compete, businesses must focus on digital marketing where everyone is engaged, switched on and plugged in. Find your unique selling point. What makes your product or service so special? Break into the market and rise above the competition by using this information as a launch pad to create your brand story.

Use your values and ethos to create a brand identity and personality which will attract new customers and invigorate current ones. Raise your profile. Reinforce your brand by ensuring your message is consistent and clear.

Tip 2 – Maintain Consistency…

After you’ve built your brand image and decided what your unique appeal is, don’t deviate from this. Strategy and consistency are the watchwords of a brand that builds itself into a household name but appreciate that this happens over a period of time.

Mixed messages will only negatively impact your growing brand, so make sure all channels of communication portray the image you’ve worked so hard to create. If it’s done correctly, your customers and even staff will work for you on social media and by word of mouth – disseminating your brand story and values in a positive loop that creates awareness and engagement. Let today’s lines of communication work for you.

Tip 3 – Case Studies!

In this digital era, your existing and past customers are your best brand ambassadors. Constantly pushing a sales message is time-consuming and unnecessary. When considering a product or service, today’s consumer will look online for reviews, testimonials and case studies before making a buying decision. Let this trend work for you. Put this information on your website, link to reviews in your multiple channels of communication.

Previous experiences of satisfied customers will speak volumes to your target audience, leaving you free to sit back quietly and reap the rewards.

Explore these new ideas today and build more than a business…build a brand.

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