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Brand Management should bridge the gap between HR and Marketing…

With the onset of digital media and modern technology, smart businesses are learning the benefits of combining their marketing and human resources strategies.  Although historically, marketing was most focused on budgets, products and consumers and human resources, future and current employees, the two are becoming inextricably linked.  Your best customer could also be your most effective employee and here’s why:

1. Brand Values

It’s essential that your employees are a good fit with your brand and that means identifying with its values, ethos and culture.  A strong brand attracts consumers with like-minded ideals and identity, so there couldn’t be a better pool from which to recruit.  Of course, if your staff fit psychologically with your message and culture this will also drive productivity and motivation – as well as increasing job satisfaction and reducing turnover.

2. Brand Ambassadors

The accessibility and high percentage of engagement in digital media means that more than ever, employees are also brand ambassadors.  They are the public face of your business and will share their impressions and experiences on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites.  By keeping your employees engaged and satisfied, they will not only perform their job better but will promote your brand and generate positive PR.  Hiring staff who fit with your business and brand will drive employee loyalty, making competitors less attractive and minimising the risk of negative publicity from disgruntled staff members.

3. Brand Recruitment

Successful recruitment means attracting the right candidates and seeing their potential.  With the onset of digital media, marketing departments are more able than HR to facilitate these requirements.  Most businesses have a website with the facility to access behavioural and profiling data of their customers and this gives a vital early insight into potential employees.  This means marketing departments have a wealth of information at their fingertips which highlights the characteristics that may make excellent employees.  An early adopter who buys cutting edge products may be innovative and imaginative, ideal for a creative role.  Intelligent and clear thinking employees could be gleaned from those consumers who make smart buying decisions.

4. Brand For Life

Modern employees want more from their job than a pay packet and a traditional nine until five existence.  Job satisfaction, fun, work life balance and a meaningful career is what attracts and retains good quality staff.  If employees are engaged, happy and involved the benefits are multifaceted.  It makes sense to use your pool of customers as a recruitment tool in order to engage with people who already identify with your brand.

To succeed in the modern market place and differentiate your business from the crowd, it is essential to make the most of your marketing department through the recruitment process.  After all, the businesses most esteemed by consumers will be viewed as the most desirable places to work.  Working for those companies will in turn fulfil the psychological needs of staff, making them excellent brand ambassadors which in turn strengthens the company to improve profitability and market share.

Your employees will use digital media and other modern technology to tell the story of your business so it’s up to you to make it a good one!

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