Email marketing will increase your revenue through trust and customer loyalty

Building strong relationships with permission!

ENI have developed email marketing skills which will build and cement strong relationships with your customers, speaking to them instantly and directly with campaigns which interest them. This will drive targeted traffic to your website to encourage potential sales. Email marketing is a great way to distribute your latest special offer, announcements and news to your subscribers.

The process and best practices

All corporate emails are custom designed, coded, distributed and measured by us to ensure your messages are delivered whilst in-keeping with your branding. This allows you to concentrate on the main core of your business whilst we conduct the technicalities behind successful email promotions.

It is best practice to always have a newsletter sign up feature on your website, this will ensure that all your email subscribers have granted you permission to email them in the first place. Never purchase databases of email addresses just to email them your special offer. This is known as “spamming” and could lead to your website and server being blacklisted. Blacklisting will force multiple servers across the globe not to deliver your email to the recipient. This will drastically affect your business communications and you may have to register a new domain name and email addresses to avoid the blacklisting penalty. This has serious cost implications especially for established companies. Please think twice before trying to bend the rules, the risk of losing by far outweighs any gain.

Professional email marketing is an essential part of any campaign as it:

  • Provides measurable results, customer actions can be very quickly gauged.
  • Creates links of trust and loyalty with your customers.
  • Enables us to deliver your message in the most direct and cost effective way.

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