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Ten ways to make your exhibition stand a success!

Making sure your company is the centre of attention with an eye catching exhibition stand takes preparation, planning and   forethought.

Here are ten ways to make it happen:

1. Preparation

Advertising is key, here.   It’s crucial to let not only your existing customers, but also prospective ones, know you will be attending the exhibition.   Being included in the show guide will pay dividends as it not only gives an idea of what you’ll be showcasing but also tells people where to find you.

2. Direct marketing

Maximise the potential of your event by using digital media or mailshots to inform customers of your upcoming exhibition.   Social media is a great way to ensure you attract a crowd.

3. Presentation

Your exhibition stand is the shop window for your business, so make it eye-catching and welcoming.   Great lighting, interesting layouts, smoothly flowing ergonomics and bright, attractive colours will grab the attention of passers-by.

4. Engage your audience

A strong brand has a consistent message which can be highlighted with your content and reinforced with creative ideas.   People are attracted to stands with which they can interact rather than simple graphics and leaflets.   Make the most of tools such as quizzes, games, surveys and animations so your visitors have fun.   This creates a memorable experience which will put the focus on your company.

5. Incentives

Visitors will part more easily with their data if there is an incentive such as a prize draw or giveaway – either a small one to be won on the day or a larger, post-event, prize.   The advantage of having the draw after the show keeps up a dialogue and can motivate people to sign up to your company newsletter or drive traffic to your website.   Using social media or event scrapbooks will facilitate your key messages to be passed to both those who attended on the day, and those who did not.

6. Budget optimisation

Your available budget will inform your choice of exhibition stand, particularly if it is on the small side.   Buying a stand may not be worthwhile if you don’t exhibit often and renting is a good option.   Maximise the potential of a small area by using the space above the stand to rig banners or lights to attract visitors.   You don’t have to be big to create a buzz!

7. Measure your success

After the exhibition, you need to be able to measure and track your results to quantify your degree of success.   This enables you to see your return on investment, sales leads generated and whether objectives have been met.   All this information can be carried forward and used to make your next exhibit even more successful – essential if you are making this investment on a long term basis.

8. Freebies

Everybody likes freebies but the key here is to keep them relevant and useful.   Make sure the giveaway ties in with your message to form a meaningful connection in your visitor’s mind.   An item that has a purpose, has longevity and will keep people’s interest – putting your brand in the spotlight.

9. Image

Think carefully about the image you wish to portray.   Don’t intimidate visitors with staff in suits and ties when an informal, yet professional branded top would be a better fit.

10. Staff training

First impressions count, so when visitors approach, make eye contact, smile and be welcoming.   Don’t be over-zealous with the hard sell.   A little time creating a rapport before your sales pitch will pay off but remember you are here to make sales leads.   So, make the most of your time and minimise breaks, spending time on your phone or talking to colleagues.

These simple steps will ensure visitors are left with your message firmly in the forefront of their mind, driving sales and increasing revenue for months to come.

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