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What makes ENI stand out from the crowd?

We are a Chartered marketing agency which means our team are highly experienced and skilled. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and ability to forge strong relationships with clients. We deliver outstanding results on time, every time and always within budget whilst maximising the return on your investment.

Why should I outsource my marketing to ENI?

Our team is exclusively focused on your business needs – we supply all your marketing, design and media needs in one place – no need to juggle different companies for each activity. Every client receives the same high level of attention and service, no matter the size, scale or scope of the work.

Whether your business is too small for a dedicated marketing team or you simply don’t have the time, resources, experience or trained professionals to undertake the work, we will help you breathe new life into your project. Our proven track record and extensive experience of analysing past campaigns can also give us an insight into why projects you’ve already undertaken didn’t perform to expectations. We are more than happy to offer a second opinion on any scenario, bringing fresh eyes and a new outlook which will steer your business to success.

Should I outsource all or just part of our marketing activities?

ENI offers a fully flexible service which integrates perfectly with what you wish to achieve. Whether you wish to outsource your whole marketing project or do most of the work ‘in-house’, our professionals will listen intently to your needs and work with you to design a project you are comfortable with. If you simply need us to look over a current campaign and provide feedback and insights on how to improve performance, we’re more than happy to provide the mentoring you need.

Why should I outsource to ENI when I already have a marketing professional on board?

ENI’s team have over 10 years’ worth of experience which will invigorate and rejuvenate your entire approach to marketing, generating increased revenue, improving your market position and making you a force to be reckoned with. With skills that utilise cutting-edge software and making full use of modern digital and social media channels, investing with ENI will be one of the best decisions you have made!

I’m a new client, what can I expect?

We will set up a face to face or telephone meeting between yourself and one of our consultants. In this meeting, we will examine and gain an understanding of your business objectives and determine how we can help. The more information you can bring to this meeting about your goals, current marketing activity, budget and timescales, the more tailored a proposal we can present.

How do I know if you’re dealing with one of my competitors?

You only have to ask, as we are completely transparent and would never enter into a potential conflict of interest without informing all parties involved.

What is the scope of ENI’s operations?

ENI is a UK-based agency who works with both local and national clients as well as having a strong client base amongst international brands. Although our core team is based in the UK, we have partners globally including within the US, North America and the rest of Europe.

How can ENI compete with a London agency?

There’s no competition! You pay only for our expertise, insight and talent – not for the huge overheads of a corporate office in the Nation’s Capital – investing with ENI will pay dividends for years to come.

How are your project costs worked out?

Each project is treated individually but pricing is flexible based on the number of hours dedicated to a particular service. For more details please contact us for a friendly, no-obligation chat.

Is there a payment schedule?

For new clients we require a minimum spend of  £1000 before we allow 30 day payment terms. Below this  £1000 threshold all clients will need to pay upfront before any work takes place. For larger projects we will discuss a 50% deposit to begin work. We will then invoice the remaining 50% once the work is completed. For our long term clients we provide monthly retainers or support agreements within a framework of flexible pricing options to suit their business.

Will I need to sign a contract?

This will depend entirely on the scope of the work involved, but formal contracts are beneficial to all parties to ensure they know where they stand in terms of payment terms, ownership of creative work and notice period. However we are happy to use written quotations as a record of agreed terms.

How do I make sure I am happy with your work?

At ENI we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients, facilitating two way communication to enable any changes or revisions to be made organically. If you need any changes, just tell us and we will be more than happy to put them into effect.

When should I consider moving to ENI?

Why wait, contact us today and start benefiting from our experience, talent and blue-sky thinking to drive passion and increased revenue into your business – we guarantee you’ll never look back!

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