How to successfully integrate traditional and digital marketing

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Why a blend of both traditional and digital marketing is important…

Today’s consumer is subjected to information overload – bombarded with information from multiple channels. They are decisive, selective and spend more time than ever in front of multiple screens, using devices for both leisure and business activities. This behaviour is a perfect opportunity for a business to take advantage of an integrated marketing communication strategy which blends traditional and digital methods.

Traditional and digital marketing are not enemies; far from it. They work together seamlessly to guide your target audience to your business, driving search and buying behaviour to offer an excellent return on investment.

Traditional marketing’s print media streams can advertise and direct your audience to not only your website but also your social media presence such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or an online blog. Direct mail or flyers can also have QR codes with which consumers can interact with to find and use promotions or special offers.

Use print media to its best advantage and showcase what customers and other businesses are saying about you on social media; reviews and positive blurb will create a buzz to put your brand in the spotlight.

A television or radio advert will grab your customer’s attention and drive traffic to your site. When they get there, it’s vital to project a consistent message so that all marketing channels interlink seamlessly.

Here are some useful tips…

Tip 1:

Use dynamic, interesting and exciting content to engage your audience and create a rapport so they can identify with your brand. This will generate sales and reduce bounce rates.

Tip 2:

It is absolutely essential that your websites and online presence are formatted in such a way that they are usable and fully functional on every device or platform. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to view a website or make a purchase when the site is not working properly with your device!

Tip 3:

Unique and regularly updated content will encourage your customers to return to your site, creating sales opportunities and the ability to open a dialogue.

Tip 4:

Today’s consumer wants more than a single transaction. They want to purchase from a company with whose ideals they can identify and with whom they can communicate – through both digital and social media. They want the experience of feeling valued as an individual, and excellent customer service and support are a must.

Tip 5:

The traditional marketing device of telephone communication is still useful but can be followed up with an email that contains appropriate site links for the customer to follow up. Cross-sell through all channels to obtain the perfect integration of traditional and digital marketing – inform your audience of other communication streams to allow them the choice of which to use.

Tip 6:

Make full use of your email contact database and allow customers to opt-in to mailing lists and website offers.

Why do traditional methods still work?

It’s important to remember, even though the market place has changed drastically in the last few years, basic consumer behaviour has the same trends and this is why traditional marketing methods still work. They form the perfect springboard from which to launch a digital media campaign which will work with your overall business plan.

Let your customers do the work for you…

Inbound marketing (which gels perfectly with digital marketing) tends to be more cost effective and its potential is increased exponentially with the reach and scope of the internet. Your customers can work for you, sharing links and information which can quickly reach a much wider audience than traditional means. But this must be balanced with the benefits of traditional outbound methods such as print, which often have greater longevity and may reach an entirely different set of customers. The two must work in tandem to be truly efficacious and to make the most of your budget.

Explore new ideas and try a totally integrated marketing solution for your business today to propel your company into the modern market place.

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