Integrated Marketing or Full Service Agency

As a business grows, it often finds itself using multiple suppliers to achieve its marketing needs. Employing separate companies to undertake advertising, web design, corporate events or marketing strategy can fast become a headache which is both time-consuming, ineffective and expensive. This inevitably leads to varying levels of service and quality and it quickly becomes an impossible task to deliver a consistent and professional message.

The conventional solution is to bring this work in-house. However, this creates its own problems and not only involves taking on extra employees but also creates accountancy implications for the business. ENI have other ideas…

There is a more cost-effective way – an integrated marketing agency! ENI Marketing provides 22 core services ranging from market research, graphic design, communications, web design and event management.

By using just one company to fulfil all your needs you are guaranteed a professional, high quality service across the board. A consistent message is essential to attract and engage your customers, and when it comes to creating and delivering that message. We will ensure your Brand is shown in the best possible light to facilitate and inspire business growth.

Our capable and flexible team will accommodate any need; whether a single design job or a large and complicated project, you will receive the same level of attention and enthusiasm which will invigorate your business and allow it to reach its full potential.

Here at ENI we realise that ‘one-size’ doesn’t fit all. Other marketing agencies try to fit all of their clients into one basic package and then can’t understand why those clients are so unhappy and disappointed with the results. We realise that marketing communications are not only essential to a businesses’ clients but also to employee morale – which has a knock-on effect on productivity.

It’s also imperative that, before any plan is created, every area of a business is analysed in detail to understand both existing and prospective customers. This enables us to anticipate any possible problems with products or services as well as informing potential marketing strategies.

ENI Marketing has created a new, innovative approach which we have called ‘Bolt-ons’. These are tailored specifically to you and your business. You can choose as many or as few as you wish from a range of 22 Bolt-on services (see our top menu for a list of the services). We understand that your business is as individual and unique, as you are, and will devise a personal marketing plan that fits you alone.

As an integrated marketing agency we understand that you can’t fit a square peg into a round hole! Employ the right marketing agency for your business and, together, we will make your goals a reality, driving growth and ensuring your Brand makes an indelible mark in the minds of your customers.

ENI also offer a range of design and digital solutions which gel fluently with our range of Marketing Bolt-ons. With over 15 years’ experience as a graphic design agency (before demand from clients drove our expansion into the marketing sector), all things digital are still very much at our core. This means we have the experience and know-how to ensure that all services work in harmony with each other to provide a smooth and flawless service for each and every client.

In recent years, corporate events are in high demand and many of our clients have benefited from our concise event management skills. Product launches, award ceremonies and business conferences have run with clockwork efficiency to drive growth and increase media awareness. Your business deserves the very best, so contact ENI Marketing today and put your brand in the spotlight.


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