Marketing collateral is a collection of professional media supporting your sales team

Your promotional media and literature should be driven by your marketing plan. ENI will help provide you with a professionally designed media collection to drive your sales, this requires understanding, deep thought and planning. The marketing collateral must promote your company message whilst remaining on an engaging level with your customers and potential targets. Effective call to action messages must communicate but must stay aligned with your company’s brand.

Our Marketing Health Check Tool is a great starting point to define your strengths and weaknesses across your business. This will drive focus to areas requiring our immediate attention whilst delivering new leads for your sales team.

An example collection could include:

  • Customer service packs
  • Brochures
  • Supportive campaign flyers
  • Framed testimonials, partnerships and sponsorships
  • Clothing items, mugs, pens, marquees, coasters and USB sticks
  • Popup banners
  • White papers
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Blogs
  • and much more…

We will ensure:

  • A solid plan of action is in place.
  • The plan is implemented clearly and consistently.
  • All promotional materials clearly communicate your message to your customer base.

Tracking and measuring success…

ENI will analyse the success of each promotion (for example using social media, website tracking and pipeline feeds), to assess how your target customers behave.

It is vital to have a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) in place which your sales teams can use to monitor leads and track the full sales pipeline involved with your customer database. We highly recommend reading about CRMs and how these systems can help your business by clicking here.

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