Marketing planning creates a solid framework within which your business will grow.

How will marketing planning help your business?

The planning process will assess the current level of demand in the market place which is key in order to launch and maintain your business in the most positive and appealing light.

Our experienced consultants will work with you to design a marketing plan that is the perfect fit for your business. Whatever your objectives; short, medium or long term, we will help you achieve them.

What do we offer…

ENI offers a range of services from basic market research to a comprehensive review of an existing business. We will look at your current business situation, market position and intended target audience.

We will examine in detail every aspect of your current marketing strategy including both customers and competitors.

ENI will highlight areas of potential concern, greatly improving your effectiveness and ensuring you get best value for your marketing budget.

We’ll  recommend a schedule of marketing activities with a measurable budget that will pay dividends on your investment.

Within our comprehensive planning, we will use the information gathered in our marketing research to create a marketing strategy that will deliver the results you desire. This will consist of:

  • Business / Campaign Segmentation.
  • Business / Campaign Targeting.
  • Business / Campaign Positioning.

We will implement this plan on your behalf to enable you to focus on the day-to-day running of your business, whilst offering feedback, advice and support on a daily basis.

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