Outbound vs Inbound Marketing

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Outbound vs Inbound Marketing in today’s marketplace…

Today’s digital revolution and particularly the swing towards social media, has seen consumers not only rejecting classic forms of marketing but also choosing which companies they will interact with and how.

Outbound Marketing…

Traditional outbound media such as television ads, billboards and cold calling are fast losing their appeal. Outbound marketing is a one way communication stream, pushing information on consumers which does not seek to engage, entertain or add value.  It also costs an average of 62% more per lead, with statistics showing that customers are switching off and rejecting this type of marketing.

The customer now has ultimate control; registering their telephone number to reject cold calls, leaving favoured websites due to intrusive adverts and unsubscribing from websites they previously opted in to.  A staggering 86% of people skip through television ads and 44% of direct mail is thrown away, unopened.

It’s time for new tactics!

Inbound Marketing…

Inbound marketing earns a consumer’s interest and attention through a dialogue of two way communication which puts the customer in control.

The internet is the most valuable platform in the modern marketer’s toolbox… seeing people flocking to businesses through social media, search engines and referral links.  Earning interest through entertaining, useful or interesting content not only engages interest but gives companies much greater reach and visibility.  Ebooks, blogs, white papers, podcasts and infographics are all vital tools.

As content is shared on social media sites it can grow virally and as links increase, the business will gain greater search engine visibility which drives sales and leads.  This new form of communication represents a huge return on investment which is supported by very positive statistics: the average budget spend on blogs and social media has doubled and is increasing, almost 70% of companies agree that their blog is important to their business and Facebook’s importance has grown by over 83%.

Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other inbound marketing methods are generating leads, sales and enabling companies to attract new customers with even a modest budget.  Customers are able to actively seek out those businesses with whom they wish to interact and with the right content, will use the internet to share information about those companies.  Adding value through clever and interesting infographics or information will increase its reach and engender brand engagement and loyalty.  This in turn drives sales and growth, a sure recipe for success.

Exploring new ideas around your marketing communications is an exciting way to make the most of today’s modern digital marketplace so push your boundaries today and see how far you go!

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