Is personalisation critical to modern marketing communications?

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Personalisation is key…

In the past few years, we have seen fragmentation of various marketing communications. Over time, this has started to turn off customers – even when the messages are favourable to them.

There are now many businesses posting a vast amount of irrelevant content which is the main reason for the rising popularity of ad-blocking software.

One of the best ways to battle this problem is the personalisation of your marketing messages. If you personalise your messages to customers or potential customers and take into account their personal preferences and past purchases, it is more likely that they will interact with your company.

According to studies conducted in the UK over the past year, 49 percent of customers think that personalisation is important. This means that an average customer wants a certain level of personalised content in the messages that they receive.


Nowadays, most customers expect a much higher level of content relevancy and personalisation. This means that they want to be treated as unique individuals rather than part of a collective group (that have similar interests) – experts call this “hyper-personalisation” and believe that it should be the basis of all interactions between customers and businesses.

We live in the digital age and although personal information may sometimes be unavailable, there is still a huge amount of data that can be utilised. Regulations on anonymity and privacy should not present obstacles. They should be the guidelines and the principles of marketing personalisation.

Direct Engagement!

To ensure that your messages are receptive, you should personalise your direct engagement by reaching out to customers via social media marketing. Your customers are more likely to be responsive to messages which resonate with them. You should use humour, create interesting hashtags or use trending topics.

Be Relevant…

Gaining attention via social media marketing is an excellent way to make an impact and make sure that your message is heard, but it is much more important that you are relevant and stay authentic to your dedicated followers. This way your messages on social media are seen as genuine, not just another attempt to become a viral sensation.

Most companies will try to reach as many people as they can by using a “scatter-gun” approach. Unfortunately this tends to dilute your message by not reaching the correct target audience. The most sustainable and effective outreach is to remain genuine even if that means a smaller number of followers.

Data, Data, Data…

Collecting data about your customers or potential customers is crucial, so make sure you use different platforms to target your preferred audience. For example, there is no point in targeting someone on Twitter if they prefer Facebook.

Final Tips…

Finally, it is important to listen to what your customers are saying, follow trending topics online and try to respond to every customer who reaches out to you. The personal approach does require more effort, but customers will most certainly appreciate it in the end.

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