Is it possible to reactivate a “dead lead”?

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What is a “lead”?

A lead represents a potential contact who has shown an interest in your goods or services. It may be an individual or an organisation – the only thing that’s important is that they want…what you are offering.

How can you label “a lead”?

Nowadays, this subject is heavily debated and there are two critical claims – one side argues that every person who has shown even the slightest interest can be categorised as “a lead” while the other side states that the lead must have made a valid move or action before we can officially label it “a lead”.

The truth is somewhere between the two. By saying that “a lead” is anyone who shows the slightest interest means that we’re covering an unrealistic expanse of the market, but equally the second statement is far too narrow and potentially excludes any leads that may be real opportunities.

This differentiation leads us to the MQL and the SQL – these terms represent the Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) and Sales Qualified Lead (SQL). It is in the company and individual’s interest to convert the Marketing Qualified Lead into the Sales Qualified Lead.

The MQL represents a target that has performed a particular action. For example, downloading a company brochure, catalogue or something similar. Once the MQL has been identified, it is then important to engage and encourage the target so that it becomes the SQL.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is the responsibility of the Marketing Department. Plainly speaking, the generation of leads is the same as attracting people to your products or services with the means of interactive engagement.

What is a “dead lead”?

Just as a person (or an organisation) can show interest in what you offer, this interest can just as easily be extinguished. There are three common reasons why sales leads become dead leads:

  • Your former leads have switched to a competitor’s products or services.
  • The actual need for your products or services has been replaced with a substitute.
  • The leads have simply lost interest.

Is it possible to reactivate a dead lead?

The answer to this is a simple – yes!

However, there’s a lot of work to do if you want to resurrect a lead that’s gone cold.

As a starting point, try to re-engage with your targets by approaching them with warmth. Perhaps send a carefully written e-mail or SMS message. Try to call them or set up a face-to-face meeting. Once some kind of interaction is taking place, make sure you offer discount prices to try and grab their attention.

Remember that the intensity and frequency of your actions will have a direct impact on how well the sales lead is reactivated.

From this point, it is all about developing the relationship again and understanding the customer’s needs.

For more info on this read our professional tips on ‘Understanding Customer Needs’https://www.enimarketing.com/customer-needs/

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