Public Relations – Both sides of the coin!

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The true value of good Public Relations…

Public Relations (PR) is an extremely valuable tool within any business marketing strategy but one that is frequently misunderstood or underutilised.

Many companies forget that they need to direct PR at not only their customers, but their staff, investors and colleagues too.   Your strategy will determine how these groups perceive you and it’s essential that you take any and every positive opportunity you have, to maximise the positive impact on your growth, profitability and productivity.

The great thing about PR is that it doesn’t have to represent a large financial investment and in some cases, none at all. A little effort and forward thinking will pay dividends and create multiple benefits.

Improved productivity is what it’s all about…

PR is all about your reputation, building positive goodwill and mutual understanding through your company’s actions and the messages you deliver. Good PR with your employees will not only foster respect and goodwill but increase positivity, morale and productivity. Don’t forget that your customers, staff, investors and suppliers communicate with one another so that your message and reputation spreads organically. Take the opportunity to make that message count, to make it work for you.

Provide an accurate brief…

If you are using a PR agency, make sure your investment pays dividends by delivering and providing an accurate brief. Ensure you have specified your target audience, what you hope to achieve and what message you wish to deliver. Only then are you giving the PR agency all the tools they need to deliver an effective and measurable campaign rather than an unfocused, ineffectual one which is a waste of resources. It’s all in the planning!

Even going through the process of deciding upon a PR brief for an agency can be a useful exercise. It forces you to think carefully about what you are trying to achieve, what you are offering and to whom.

Research, research, research…

You can also take advantage of free PR by researching your local media channels. Your local publications such as newspapers will be able to give you a breakdown of their circulation and demographics. Local radio is another great resource. Use these resources to trumpet your successes such as any awards or product launches. If you have links with local charities or events these will make a great news hook and it’s all excellent free publicity.

Don’t fall into the trap of paying for leaflets or flyers that are improperly planned or targeted as all that will result is an ineffectual waste of time and money. Make sure you know your audience, what they read, listen to or want. Make the most of your customers or staff and ask them!   Get the information directly from the horse’s mouth and this feedback will be essential as you plan your marketing strategy.

Don’t hold back…

Above all, don’t be timid about your successes, put the time into creating a positive, inspiring, message which engages and speaks to your customers both internally and externally.   Reap the rewards and give your brand the reputation it so rightly deserves!

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