6 Steps for Successful Relationship Marketing

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The power of communication is the main force by which we have tamed the natural world. Even from the early days of the cavemen, the ability to achieve our goals as a group…was perhaps our most important trait. As times have changed and we have moved into an age of digital marketing – our communication methods have changed drastically and so have the ways in which we build relationships.

Here are some tips on how to reach your customers in this modern and technology-driven world:

1. Go Personal

Whatever it is you are trying to market you should always try the old-fashioned way first. Try and contact your local community. Having a good understanding of your surroundings makes for a quality business strategy and solid personal relationships which are the main foundations of good networking. Personal relationships can solidify and help you with your further marketing efforts. Try to connect with people in the vicinity of your business. Attending charities and conferences can also help people to get to know you and in turn, they’ll start recommending you to their friends and acquaintances.

2. Social Media Marketing

In the past decade or so, social networks have radically changed our communication. Conveying a message is now faster and easier than ever. Successful businesses have been using this to their advantage since the dawn of social networks. Take Facebook for example: whatever you are selling there must be a group or a page of fans of a particular product. The only thing you have to do is participate in those groups and communicate with their members to achieve the most basic level of networking.

3. Social Networks as Feedback

It is important to note that you shouldn’t use social network platforms just for advertising purposes. Maintaining a human and respectful communication is the most important thing for enhancing your online position. Building online communities around your business are absolutely meaningless unless you show people that they can participate in the making of your product or service. Show them you care for them by talking to your customers and incorporating their demands thus making them happier and more loyal.

4. Other Community Hubs

There are many community hubs that are not necessarily present on social networks. Blogs, for example, are becoming more and more popular with customers who are enquiring about a specific product. Forums are also very popular as people are more prone to trusting peers from their community. You can keep in touch with bloggers and other people of influence as they will then have a more positive picture about your business and recommend it further.

5. Surveys

People like to feel important and what better way to achieve it than asking for their opinion. By doing this you are making them feel validated and cared for while also getting a good and honest feedback about your product or service. Whether it is personal or online, take that extra moment to ask them about their opinion.

6. Nurturing a Brand

Although it’s a long-term commitment, making a brand out of your product or service is the most effective way of marketing it. Your product or service should be connected to your personal motto or ideology. Convince customers that there is a story behind what you’re selling and that by buying it they are making a statement.


A good and successful business is more dependent on their customers than the product or service, so go ahead and make that effort by reaching out to other people. What you’ll get is not only a trusting and loyal community base but also great feedback.

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