Tailored search engine optimisation - No one size fits all approach.

Climb above your competitors in the search engine rankings!

SEO is a long term promotional strategy which should be individually tailored to every business. Alarm bells should sound if you find SEO companies providing generic packages. This may give you a temporary climb up the rankings but you will be guaranteed to see a steep drop in ranks shortly afterwards. For organic stable growth in the ranks a professional bespoke SEO strategy must be created and maintained. SEO should be an ongoing monthly investment. The internet is forever changing and so are your competitors and their SEO strategies. It is vital that movements, behaviours and official algorithm updates from the search engines themselves are monitored on a weekly basis.

Here at ENI we will conduct extensive market research, keyword research and competitor research on your behalf. In addition to this we will also examine your existing website to ensure that our strategy will implement smoothly with your existing online setup. More often than not a few tweaks need to be made to ensure the search engines (particularly Google) provide you with the maximum amount of brownie points. The more brownie points the better your website ranking.

If your products and services can be easily found by the search engines this will drive new targeted traffic to your website which will in turn increase your revenue. Every month we will send you a progress report showing how far your website has climbed the rankings and your current positions.

We can also help you with:

  • Pay per click and re-marketing services which are backed by analytics.
  • Monitoring the incoming and outgoing traffic to your website.
  • Tailoring strategies which work as intended. Proven results across all platforms.

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