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Make your email marketing campaigns a success…

In the modern marketplace,  digital communication is an integral part of every company’s marketing strategy.  Successful email marketing campaigns can attract new customers, create brand loyalty and engage your target audience which reaps big rewards through return on investment and increased market share.

However, it’s not as simple as it seems.  Not only do you have to create great and appropriate content but making sure those emails are delivered and opened rather than remaining unread,  is an art in itself.

The first consideration is the technical aspect of email delivery.  With an ever increasing amount of spam and phishing emails out there,  communications must be authenticated so as to not get filtered out by email service providers such as Hotmail.  There are four main protocols to facilitate this which sign each email with a key to ensure that it originated from the correct company and IP address.

When users receive an email and mark it as spam or ask to unsubscribe, it is helpful to have this set up as an automated feedback loop.  This ensures that the email address is automatically removed from the client list and keeps any complaints to a bare minimum, thus keeping your reputation intact.  After all,  you only want to send content to people who are happy to receive it.  A strong reputation will only increase your email delivery rate and increase successful marketing communications.  An automated system will also automatically adjust for bounce rates to ensure that you do not continue to send email to those addresses which no longer exist.

The next consideration must be to keep your client list up to date.  Adding in new clients  is just as important as removing obsolete contacts.  After initial contact,  you should follow up with an email ideally within the first month to ensure your company is still fresh in the mind of your prospective customer.  Set clear expectations as to how often your content will be delivered and be consistent in its message.  Your audience will then be more likely to open your email marketing campaigns and engage with your brand.  Frequency can be tailored to your offering and should not be too frequent as to overwhelm your customer nor too infrequent that they forget about your business.  Twice weekly to bimonthly is a good range to fall within.

Lastly,  it’s all about content, content, content!  Make your email marketing campaigns easy to read,  using a combination of text and only using images to support your message.  Ensure your code supports all the different email clients so that your HTML is rendered correctly and looks clear and attractive.  And of course,  use appropriate content that your audience is expecting with regard to what they signed up for.  Initiate a dialogue,  make your marketing emails original and interesting to encourage clients to open and read them.

Following these simple but essential tips will create brand awareness and loyalty and you’ll soon be seeing a big improvement in your bottom line!

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