Video Marketing – A visual gateway to enhancing your business profile

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Video marketing is an essential tool in any modern company’s marketing toolbox. With a simple video, your company can reach countless consumers in multiple countries and with the right content, most of the sharing and promotion will be done by those consumers.

“Going Viral”

With the advent of the internet and popular social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, ‘viral videos’ are the newest craze. These videos spread like a virus hence the name. This kind of exposure has unlimited appeal and a clever marketing strategy can be built around a video campaign to deliver real benefits with extremely fast results.

Share, share share!

The key with promoting any video is to let your viewers do the sharing for you. Make the video interactive, fun, clever and with a unique twist or angle that not only entertains but delivers your brand message with panache, flair and maximum impact. Take advantage of the fact that approximately 75% of people watch videos on the internet at least once per week. As there are more than 1 billion active internet users (a figure that grows every day) there is a huge resource which can readily be exploited to grow your business, increase your market share and which presents an amazing public relations opportunity.

Maximum Exposure…

Videos have multifaceted appeal. Consumers are often far more likely to watch a video about your product, service or offering than they are to sit and read printed information. It’s far easier and more direct to absorb and remember information from a video than a written list of facts. Indeed, some of the very best marketing videos don’t until the end, seem like a marketing video at all. They get their message across in such a way as to entertain the consumer, encouraging them to share the video on social media sites for maximum exposure and effectiveness. Effective videos get people talking and don’t forget, that whilst they are talking about your video they are also talking about your brand.

Boost your SEO

Video marketing can also dramatically boost your business website by increasing SEO. Videos facilitate sharing and backlinks which are picked up by search engines such as Google. This will have a direct, immediate and positive effect on your rankings. Taking advantage of video marketing will also decrease bounce rates, keeping people on your website for longer and ensuring your brand message is absorbed, shared and talked about.

So, make sure you add video marketing within your campaigns and you will undoubtedly see positive measurable results and an excellent return on investment. After all, it’s the gateway to the future!

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