What is CRM? (Customer Relationship Management)

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So what is CRM and how can it benefit your business?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) refers to the business process which is used to analyse customer behaviour and structure.

It is used to identify potential opportunities which could enlarge business activities. CRM enables businesses to study and learn more about customers’ needs and purchasing behaviours, so that stronger and longer-lasting relationships can be developed, thus improving profitability.

What are the top 15 benefits of a CRM System?

Implementing any kind of CRM system or solution is usually time consuming process but the benefits and advantages are huge.

  • Enables more efficient and improved Customer Service levels.
  • Increases customer retention through the management of loyalty schemes.
  • Improves customer and product profiling.
  • Identifies specific customer demographics.
  • Assists in ABC customer segmentation.
  • Enables more efficient and improved Customer Service levels.
  • Identifies external business opportunities.
  • Facilitates all lead generation and sales management.
  • Ensures data can be cleansed and managed effectively.
  • Improves transparency and reporting tools.
  • Enables development of multiple communication channels.
  • Supports internal collaboration across departments for the purpose of information sharing.
  • Improves targeting for marketing promotions.
  • Assists in analysis of both direct and non-direct marketing strategies.
  • Allows the capture of customer satisfaction and feedback.
  • Facilitates the measurement and monitoring of data quality and success rates.

The benefits of a CRM system are extensive and should never be underestimated…

The above list is not exhaustive and only key areas which we believe are of the highest importance to any business.

Installation of the right CRM system will help you to focus on your organisation’s relationships, whether those are customers, service contacts, colleagues or suppliers. And some of the largest gains in productivity will be generated by embedding a CRM system within the core of your business – to improve supply chain management and act as a collaborative tool across departments.

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