Setting the right objectives is an essential part of any project planning.

What is Project Management and what does it involve?

The role of projects in many organisations is for implementing and achieving the strategic goals of the organisation.

Project Management has become a core competency across many businesses; nearly every manager, regardless of discipline is involved in managing one or more projects.

Project management has now developed to the point where it is a professional discipline having its own body of knowledge and skills. It is both people and technical oriented and involves understanding the cause-effect relationship and interactions which happen within any project and its dimensions.

So in summary, project management is really just a set of tools, it could be described as a roadmap which enables managers to guide a project from start to finish whilst demonstrating both efficiency and cost savings.

Work with us! On time and on budget…

By working with ENI, you can rest assured that your project is guaranteed to be delivered on time and on budget. Our Chartered consultants will work with you from inception to handover, ensuring at all stages that the project is managed effectively and is a complete success.

We’ll undertake:

  • A complete risk analysis to ensure that the highest standards of quality are put into place.
  • We’ll build in flexibility to facilitate any changes you wish to make during the life of the project.

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